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All of you know that my favorite band, by far, is
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All of you know that my favorite band, by far, is <a href=" target="new">Lost And Found</a>.

Now, I don't know if they'd be my favorite band if somebody just said, "Hey, listen to this!"

My first experience of Lost And Found was in a huge group setting when they were getting the entire crowd to yell "Slinky!" and singing about people in orange shirts and this guy named George have to drink lots of water.

Being that I saw them in 2000, and have gone to many of their concerts and been eary to quite a few of them, I have gotten to see some of the silliness and be in on a lot of the in-jokes that happen. I'm sure those things are the things that continue to keep them my favorite band.

I recommend trying to go to one of their concerts (they're cheap - I've never paid more than $10 to actually attend the concert) if they are near your city. I will drive, but I don't recommend that you drive, out of the way to go see them.

From their <a href="" target="new">concerts near you site</a>, it looks like they will be in teh floowing cities in this upcoming month:

Estes Park, CO
Loveland, CO
Littleton, CO
Lincoln, NE
Norfolk, NE
Grand Island, NE
Albany, NY
Flower Mound, TX

Also, they were the warm up band on the third day of the past ELCA youth gathering. You can experience just a bit of magic that happens with this band by watching "1." in the video on this page:
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