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The newsletters begin

APRIL 1998

So you might be asking "hey, what happened in the lives of Michael and George last month?" If you are, this page is for you. If you couldn't care less, then go back to the page about how to order stuff.

March was a very busy month for us; actually, "busy" might be the wrong word. Perhaps what I'm after is "unusual" or "important." To cut to the chase: WE HAVE A NEW STUDIO ALBUM!!! Yes, it's true: your friends LOST AND FOUND have returned from the studio relatively unscathed and sporting a new album. For those who've been listeners (or "toleraters") for a long time, you'll note it's been about three years since we braved the studio. But, happily, we survived and have produced THIS. (THIS is the name of the album. What I mean is, the album is called THIS.)

THIS has twelve songs, one of which is repeated 9 times. THIS also includes two bonus tracks with a full band ("Lions" and "Baby"). We're quite pleased with the final project. Many have said it's our best album to date. (I was going to say "some of them weren't even family members"; then I was tempted to say something about the marriage prospects of our other albums; finally I thought it best to just move back to the original thought which was THIS.)

I suppose what finally spurred us into the studio again was a renewed sense of wanting to hear THE GOSPEL in music. We've heard more than our share of THE LAW in music these days. There are plenty of songs out there telling people to behave and live right and straighten up and fly right and shun wrong and turn right. While these might be lofty goals in and of themselves, they don't really direct one's attention to the saving work of God.

Suffice it to say, there are myriad examples of bands' pandering to fads in both music and theology. Our new album is submitted side by side with their more polished musical statements. THIS is a call to return to reliance upon the work of God in Jesus. THIS is a plea to Jesus to remember us. THIS is the only promise we can keep: the promise that we will cling to the cross of Christ because there is no other way.

God grant us such strength this Lenten season.

More next month,

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