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May 1999 Newsletter


MAY 1999

So, I'm flying over the Canadian Rockies, eh? And I'm writing this newsletter, right on? My watch says 9:05 am, we're on our second flight of the day, and we were only able to sleep for 3 hours last night, eh?

Using the information in the previous Canadian story, please answer this question.

What is the metric equivalent for our state of tiredness right now
a) off the scale (i.e. immeasurable)
b) depends upon whether you factor in the G.S.T.
c) it's all good, eh?
d) Canadian Air

That's right, all of the above.

And now, may the May newsletter continue. We began the month by ending last month. By that I mean we played an event that started at the end of April in the town of Appleton, Wisconsin. Our friend Bob Lenz was there as well, and since the event was just down the road from his house, Bob was all aglow.

That's about 30,000 metric
We got to see the town where Bob, his wife Carol, and their 5 children live. As you can see, without Bob's family, Little Chute would have an even 9,200 residents. Anyway, we had a great time at the Evangelical Free "Districts" and had to leave right away to catch planes to Houston, where we began an unusual week with Bob.

Bob's basic mantra is "Two Schools and a Rally." This means, when he travels, Bob Lenz will speak at two public schools during the day and invite the students back for a more explicitly Christ-centered event in the evening. Hence, his oft-heard cry: Two Schools and a Rally. So, Bob invited us to join him for several Two Schools and a Rally's in Texas, and off we went.

When we first got to Houston, we played minutes later in Tomball. The Texans welcomed us in grand style by decorating our hotel rooms and leaving local delicacies in them. The next morning was our first Two Schools and a Rally. Not surprisingly, that day we played two schools and a rally. The rest of the tour broke with the pattern.
Hey, Texas

Prom courting?
For example, the second day we played one school and one concert. At the Lutheran school there in Tomball they have a special row in the front that is apparently reserved for couples only.

The next day was a variation on Bob's mantra; we skipped two schools, played one, then a huge rally. The next morning was different as well. That day we skipped one school, were cancelled out of two and played an alternate, followed by a rally. The alternate was by far the most unusual thing we've seen in years. It was called the Harper Alternative School. I suppose what it is an "alternative" to is something like respect, common courtesy, or manners. No one paid any attention to Bob or us. They had us play in a cafeteria during their Cinco De Mayo (that's May 24 in metric) celebration. Bob finally brought a stepladder to the middle of the room to try to get their attention. The only person who noticed was the janitor who yelled at Bob to put the ladder away when he was done.

Keeping in mind the nearest exit may be behind you.

And put that ladder away!

A poem

And put that ladder away!

Later in the day we played at an historic Lutheran Church in downtown Houston. Afterward we drove on to Austin (as in 3:16) where we slept a little and setup for a school the next morning. Somehow a speaker got unplugged and I didn't notice. This caused our power amp to clip, and we could not play, since I didn't know the cause. It was the worst morning since I slept through a school performance in Seattle in 1987. I was a broken man. In order to purge my guilt and shame, I wrote a poem about my feelings. I also found a little bit of abstract art that summed up just how I felt about my experience that day.

That evening we played two concerts at Concordia College in Austin. The sound equipment worked much better since I decided to plug in all the speakers. Bob was so excited he did a little dance. After that we drove to Waco where we slept a little and setup for a school the next morning. Our Waco experience was good. We went to lunch and even got a little office work done. That evening we played in Waco for . . . how to say it? . . . I know, a crowd of 300 in metric. It was an intimate evening and--ironically, since the sound was working perfectly--we decided to turn off the equipment and do an acoustic unplugged set.

Bob busts a move

Harper school uniform?

It's amazing what you can get at Toys R Us!
After we packed up, Michael, Bob, and I drove back to Houston so that we could catch flights in the morning. This concluded our attempt at Bob's famous Two Schools and a Rally. It proved a very interesting week and we had a great time hanging out with Bob and some friends. Then we had some time off. Cris and I baptized our daughter Lillian on May 9th. The next weekend, Michael and I flew to (The) Metroplex. While there, we bought Joel The Newest Member of the LOST AND FOUND Team a new computer. Well, "computer" isn't necessarily the right word. We got him one of those Macintosh toy things that sometimes can do what computers do. It wasn't exactly easy to fit this thing into the backseat of Joel The Newest Member of the LOST AND FOUND Team's car, but he was determined to have something to play with in the down times while at the office.

From there, we went back to northern Wisconsin to play in the town of Rhinelander. (You know, where they make all the wrappers for SnickersTM bars, which p.s. are made in Waco.) Anyway, the nice people of Rhinelander had us in to play a concert, a couple of worship services, and a baccalaureate service.

Before the first concert, this being Packer country and all, the concert goers setup a little tailgate party with brats. Another group was grilling chicken in the parking lot, and they presented Michael and me with a little safety gear for airplane travel.

Now them are brats!

Safety first!

"blick-em blick-em"
After the concert, Michael took a little time to work on his chops and prepare for the day when he sets in with a band.

We found out that at the Rhinelander High School they have some very specific rules about living life to the fullest. I think this is sort of like "Three important reminders to a better life." My favorite is the third rule, which just plain makes sense.
And put that ladder away!

Now THEY rocked on!
After the morning's two worship services, we spent the afternoon missing baskets on the court and sleeping at the church. Then we went to play a most unusual event called a baccalaureate service. Michael looked up the word "baccalaureate" and it seems to mean something like a message to the graduates. I always thought it was a party that some women throw for their friends the night before they get married. Anyway, we had a great time and heard a most amazing rendition of "Ave Maria" by these two guys. Then we drove back to (The) Metroplex and flew home in the morning.

A short three days later we flew to the true north, strong and free. In no way do I mean to suggest that Michael and I were strong or free, just the country to which we flew. Thursday night was spent in Vancouver just preparing for the Canadian experience. Friday morning found us travelling with Darcy and his wife Leanne. That evening we arrived in Kamloops where we played a short set for the early arrivers. The next morning had us entertaining the early risers at a brunch. ("Brunch" is the Canadian term for a meal that is a combo of lunch and breakfast. In the States, of course, we call this meal "Lunkfast.") After we ruined the appetite of the brunchers, we prepared for our mainstage appearance at the British Columbia District Youth Gathering of the Pentecostal Church of Canada. We had a great time and did not hear the cry "Yankees go home!" so we can only assume that they didn't hate us.

Oh Canada!

That night, our new friends Corey and Dawn (the Estonians) drove us to Kelona, the town from which all the major flights depart. By the time we awoke, we had slept a grand total of three hours-which takes you back to my opening paragraph.

And now, for some real magic: this is the point at which the newsletter laps itself and I begin writing about stuff that had not yet happened when I began this missive. Since the opening quiz, the following things happened . . .

We landed in Winnipeg, where our new friend Jerry met us. We knew he was truly our friend since our first stop was Starbucks. He took us to the university so we could prepare for the Manitoba District Youth Gathering of the Pentecostal Church of Canada. (You're probably thinking to yourself "A theme runs through it," right? I mean, "eh?") Quickly upon arriving we played a concert, followed by a twenty minute set for the whole group. After that blaze-in-blaze-out, we proved once more that Northwest Airlines rocks on compared to certain airlines based in Chicago, and said superior airline delivered your heroes home early enough (36 hours for some of us) to rock on in a relaxing style prior to travelling auf deutschland.

If you'd like to see some photos of the people we met along the way, go ahead and click on the Photo Phrenzy. If you're still waiting to see the bio on Joel The Newest Member of the LOST AND FOUND Team, you'll have to wait for next month. Also, the Hansonfan Cookoff results ought to be available in June.

And now is the time for all good LOST AND FOUND members to go to Germany. Until we return to America in June, velin danke' und auf weidersehn! . . . great spelling, eh?


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