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January 1999 newsletter



So I guess I don't really need to tell anybody the significance of January 1st, 1999.

It is, of course, the first day of the last days of the year that proceeds the second millennium after the birth of Jesus Christ -- modified for the 4-6 years lost by the fellow who came up with the system for predicting disaster. And with the Y2K thing hanging over our heads at the end of this year, that means that the last day of 1998 was the last day on which one could safely say that we had not yet entered into the Y2K countdown. And this got me to thinking. One cannot watch the odometer turn to 2,000 miles without preparing to watch it turn. (As an aside I feel that I must mention that watching the odometer instead of driving your car is a good means of causing an accident, which you can then blame on the fact that your odometer turned over to 2,000.) Let me be the first to lay it out: 1999 should forever after be thought of as the year that got us ready for the year 2,000. Since the year 2,000 itself has first dibs on the Y2K moniker, I propose a different name for 1999. I think we should refer to this year as YA2K. (The "A" stands for almost.) The most immediate advantage of YA2K is that our friend Bob Lenz could develop a talk based upon it. I can just hear Bob saying, "When the world says 'No 2 K' we say 'YA 2 K!'"

Furthermore, the people most up-in-arms over, and therefore gathering arms during YA2K are oftentimes the same people who last year were championing the WWJD acronym. Last year it was important to ask What Would Jesus Do? This year it's important to ask What Would Y2K Have Me Do? As I pondered all these things in my heart, I realized we should just put it all together into one big acronym: WWJDIY2K? (Looks Slovakian, don't it?)

WWJDIY2K? It's hard to say isn't it? (It's hard to answer too!) I would venture to say that our growing preoccupation with self-preservation seems decidedly un-Christlike. This hoarding of grains, water, and shotguns seems antithetical to the feeding of the 5,000, or the laying down of one's life for his friends, wouldn't you say? Though Jesus might have taken some inspiration in the popular hymns and chants of his day, I doubt very much that he'd base his ministry on adapting the Hank Williams, Jr. song to "A Nazarene Boy Can Survive." Preaching the Good News, healing the sick, feeding the poor, and saving humanity cannot be done when you're acting like Davie Crockett defending the Alamo. To do the work of Christ you've got to go out into the world.

WWJDIY2K? He'd roll up his sleeves and get to work. There's much to be done in his name; it can't be done from your mountaintop bunker living on C-rations.

And so, you're asking, what does all this have to do with LOST AND FOUND? Well, everything and nothing. YA2K is upon us, and already I've had to make changes in how our newsletters are dated. In the past each month's newsletter was named for the month in which it appeared. However, since each note covered events in the previous month we'd have things like the November Newsletter beginning with the phrase, "So, October was..." and thusly. So, beginning with the inaugural YA2K issue, the newsletters will cover the month for which they are named. And let us begin...

At the Hair Hall
In the beginning (of the month), we had some time off. Michael spent a lot of time getting his hair done I think.
He also spent some time sitting in his new house.
Looks Comfy!


Van On January 5th, we were supposed to play in Joplin, Missouri. However, when I got to the Detroit airport, my flight was delayed because my airline was experiencing "weather." It didn't seem so bad to me; I mean, I found a parking spot just fine. Nonetheless, we had to cancel and we were Two Bummed Dudes. (That's item #42 at the Fu Yi Restaurant, here in Toledo.)


However, on the 8th we zipped over to Richfield, Ohio and were back in the swing of things. We met the Teal Board (which rocks), and were made honorary members. A fun time was had by all with poolside devotions and snowstorms. During one of our workshops we met some people who fall into the musical groupie group of fans of the band called Hanson. (If you'd like to enter the contest they inspired, click here.)


We found it!
From there we went to Dearborn, Michigan and had a fine concert. We were happy to get to the church, because we had been looking for our "Almost There" and had just about given up hope of finding it. After that concert Michael flew home and I returned to my home.


Cris (my wife) and I invited some friends to dinner. After dinner I started to clear some space on the table so that I could do a little soldering. Turns out, our dinner guest Tim is a licensed electrician in the state of Pennsylvania! He fixed the microphone, good as new. I'm not sure if we broke any rules among the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers by not driving over to Pennsylvania to do the repair. If so, I'm deeply sorry about that.


On the 15th, we played for a huge crowd in Fair Oaks, California. Our old friend Dave Price (see Speedwood album credits) turned them out in droves. The next day we went back to Michael's house and did a little demo on a fireplace. On Sunday afternoon we played Peoria, Arizona at the church of another long-time friend, Mark Hanchet. This marked the first concert where someone flew on an airplane just to see us play! We were so impressed that we personally drove Katy back to the airport to catch her flight to Tucson. The next day we returned to our homes.


For the weekend of the 22nd, we went to beautiful, downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was yet another Youth Encounter gathering. On the way there, Michael's flights were delayed and re-routed and he ended up flying to Baltimore instead. On my drive I received my first speeding ticket in 7 years; I didn't have any money to pay my turnpike toll; I found out my license was expired; and my wife and I bounced a check to the IRS.
Beautiful, ain't it?

A Star!
However, once at the event we had a great time (of course!) and met the star of the weekend: Miss Molly Jane Luckenbill of Robesonia, Pennsylvania.
On Sunday evening we went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and played in a HUGE room called The Worship Center. Knowing what you know about LOST AND FOUND, you can probably guess whether we filled this room, eh? Anyway, we had a very fun concert. The next day we returned to our homes. Though Michael's flight was delayed, I got no speeding tickets and arrived home for dinner.
That's a lot of blue!


And that ends the first letter of the last year before the odometer turns. To see the concert pictures, click on the Photo Phrenzy. As of this writing, the Falcons have not yet beaten the Broncos, but Sunday's coming. And since it's the year of YA2K, I'd say it's time to expect the unexpected!

Rocking on, I remain,


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