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July 1998


JULY 1998

So, what happened last month?

We celebrated my daughter's fourth birthday. When Eleanor was born, we were living in Los Angeles (about which I withhold comment). The day of her birth, two big events occupying the attention of the world were happening in LA that June. And so, it is with great fondness that we reflect upon the birth of our daughter, the world cup of soccer, and the low-speed high-coverage pursuit of O.J. Simpson. What a time it was. Remember how young we were back then? Yes, it was something how simple life was in those days. But, enough of my reminiscing. . .

Speaking of racing, on June 9th Michael and I got to meet an actual NASCAR driver! The folks of Conover, NC invited us to play an event with Dale Jarrett. Mr. Jarrett placed second in points last year on the NASCAR circuit. He drives a Ford Taurus, which is a car quite similar to the Escort my wife and I drive. Dale's Taurus seems larger than the ones I've seen down at the local Ford dealership; it seems to go a little faster than our Escort as well. However, as we learned four years ago, sometimes a low-speed chase can garner more publicity than the Sunday afternoon slugfest. I could have taken photos to prove the whole thing, but I forgot to get batteries for the official LOST AND FOUND camera. . . Hey, back off man! I can't remember everything!

The next day (speaking of traveling quickly), LOST AND FOUND was honored to have twenty or so minutes playing at the annual "Created To Praise" festival, put on by our friends Barb and Dave Anderson. We flew to Detroit, picked up our van, and drove to the event, which was held in Chicago. Then we went home and waited around until June 19th, when we drove to Atlanta. (Well, Lilburn is the name of the actual town. Lilburn, as in "not too severe." Lilburn, as in "just a little blister." In the past tense you could say, Lilburnt, as in "he didn't rip us off exactly, we was just a Lilburnt." And, properly used, it can even describe the contents of the birdhouse in our back yard, as in "Hey! That box over yonder in the tree has a Lilburnit!") Anyway(s), the concert there went well, and since I got some batteries I have two photos to prove it.

Half a Lilburn
Half a Lilburn
More of a Lilburn crowd
More of a Lilburn crowd

And then, to top off a good month, we headed to Alabama (that's not the good part) to play at an event called Affirm. Affirm is hard to describe, and no one believes us when we tell them how great it is. Essentially, 400-500 high school students get together in groups of 30-50 and have classes. Yes, that's right: they study! Can you believe such nonsense? The craziest thing of all is, the participants love it, the leaders love it, the band LOST AND FOUND loves it. . . It simply is a great event. The downside to Affirm is that it always happens in the summer, in the hottest part of the country. (Well, that's not entirely true. The hottest place in the country is really my grandmother's apartment on the coldest day of winter.) Being in Alabama in the summer is not too much for this band of northerners, as long as things happen inside. Our 1:00pm concert, however, was held outdoors in the amphitheater. The participants were able to find some shade and enjoy their lunches to the soothing strains of some acoustic thrash. Michael and I got a Lilburn since there was no shade over the stage. However, as I noted, it's a grand event to be able to play and we're so happy they had us back.

Fast-moving, mysterious, brave man wearing dark colors in the Alabama summer is risking a Lilburn!
Fast-moving, mysterious, brave man wearing dark colors in the Alabama summer is risking a Lilburn!
An Affirming crowd
An Affirming crowd
Avoiding Lilburn in Alabama.
Avoiding Lilburn in Alabama. (note the empty hot seats!)

Following the Alabaman stint, we began driving north and arrived the next day at my house where we are resting up preparing for the onslaught of July. Later this month, Justin and Michael get to make a big drive down to Atlanta and I get to fly. It's just a little experiment in role-reversal for us. With Michael living in Los Angeles and all, I'm sure he'll be tempted to drive slowly and pack a disguise. Since I live in Ohio (birthplace of the Wright brothers), I'm sure I'll be itching to get a little windshield time in the cockpit.

More next month,


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